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About Us

Organic & Natural

PureInfant.com is a boutique online retailer of the finest organic and natural products for you andOrganic From The Start your baby. We partner with the best possible producers in the world of organic clothing, organic and natural skincare, natural toys, and cloth diapers. Our mission is to offer you natural alternatives that are good for you, your baby, and the environment.

Going Green @ PureInfant.com

We strive to create a balance between running a business and being as environmentally friendly as possible. We have implemented several policies and procedures to reduce our impact on the environment and help protect our world for future generations.

Post-Consumer Material - All of our packing slips, invoices, faxes, and other office related paper are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We try to limit printing wherever possible but when we do print, we prefer to use recycled printer cartridges to reduce the amount of new plastic we use. Using thermal printers for our shipping labels also reduces the amount of ink and cartridges (plastic) required to ship a package!

Environmentally Friendly Shipping - All of the materials we use for packing orders are designed to be recycled. We use recyclable cardboard boxes for the majority of our packages. Unlike some companies, we carry a wide variety of box sizes, both small and large (many companies limit the number of box sizes they carry to reduce inventory space) so that we don't ship a small item in a box designed for much larger content. This reduces waste and saves space on trucks which allows shippers to deliver more packages in the same load, ultimately saving gas and reducing carbon emissions.

We also take advantage of Poly mailer bags when practical, which again, reduces the shipping size and weight of our packages helping our shipping partners save gas and the environment. Our Poly shipping bags are 100% recyclable.

On top of all this we use recyclable void filling materials. When required, each of our packages ship with either corn starch based packing peanuts or air fill bags. The corn starch peanuts are made from plant material, are non-toxic and safely dissolve under warm running water. This eliminates Styrofoam buildup in landfills and reduces space in your garbage as well! Our air fill bags are made from 100% recyclable plastic.

Certified Organic Partnerships

Working with only the best in the industry, we are able to provide a wide variety of certified organic products. Our partner selection criteria ensures that all of our clothing is from manufacturers that offer 100% certified organic cotton (or other organic natural fibers). In addition, the skincare and other accessories we carry are made from organic and naturally sustainable ingredients.


If you know of a line of an organic and natural line of baby or mommy products you feel may be a good fit for PureInfant.com, please send us an email to: sales@pureinfant.com