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Review Rewards

Review Rewards is a unique rewards system that allows you to share your product experiences in exchange for PureInfant.com store credit.

How It Works

After you have received your order from PureInfant.com, log in to the website, find a product from your order and click on ‘Write a review’ at the bottom of the page. We will verify your review and if it is accepted (see restrictions below) we will issue a $1 store credit that will automatically be applied to your next purchase.

That Sounds Too Easy…

It is easy! We designed it that way to encourage you to share your opinions on products with other users.

Will You Reject Low Reviews?

Of course not. In fact, we would prefer to have an honest 1-star review than a fake 5-star review. Reviews are not just important to our customers, they are important to us as well. We share the feedback with our manufacturers and if our customers are unhappy, we will request future changes to the product. If dissatisfaction continues, we may even drop the product all together. On the flip side, if we find something is constantly receiving rave reviews, we might bring in more products from that brand or different variations of that same product.

So What’s the Catch?

There is no ‘catch’. We just have a few simple rules that we expect our customers to follow and a few logical restrictions in place.

Rules and Restrictions

One review per customer, per product. A product consists of an item or group of items that has a dedicated page on PureInfant.com. Groups of items that have different patterns, colors, sizes, or other selectable options are considered one product.

Reviews must be submitted through the account you used to purchase the item. Review Rewards is only valid for purchases on or after November 1st, 2011. You must submit a product review within 21 days of your purchase to qualify for a store credit.

Reviews may be rejected for any reason at our discretion. Rejected reviews will not qualify for store credit.  Limit $5 in Review Rewards per order.  Please allow up to 14 days for store credit to be applied to your account.

Store credit may not be exchanged or transferred for cash.  Store credit is non-refundable.